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The business is fully insured and licensed to protect you from bearing unnecessary liabilities.

The company has a great reputation for the high-quality services provided and
constantly strive to achieve their goals with a commitment to service excellence.


We work with a variety of
materials to bring our
clients vision to life


Experienced in waterproofing
structural surfaces, walls,
any horizontal and vertical surfaces.


This is our latest venture!
We now offer
post-construction cleaning.

Social Enterprise

A young former refugee from Afghanistan, who holds a Bachelor Degree of Politics and International Relations and Honours Degree of Arts and Design from the University of Canberra, is now a social entrepreneur who is forging his own path in ensuring refugees and migrants are able to work in fair conditions and lead a life of stability.

Vision : To empower refugees and migrants by providing employment opportunities and skilled training in the construction industry.

Mission : To ensure migrants integrate well and contribute to their new home, Australia.


     Hedayat Osyan (Nick) is a social entrepreneur who has exceeded all expectations. His background and journey to Nick Tiling is both astonishing and inspiring. Having been an ex-refugee, Nick is aware of the disadvantage refugees and asylum seekers face in the workforce due to a variety of reasons, including the lack of fluency in English. Appreciating his renewed life here at Australia, Nick sought to become a social entrepreneur in order to give back to the community that has given him so much and at the same time, to aid the refugees and asylum seekers.

     With assistance from various different parties, Nick established himself and his business and is currently successfully employing refugees, asylum seekers and even offering apprenticeship. It is his mission to change lives and empower the minority to lead a better life. His passion and drive in life is what makes his business thrive and the vision he has for the future, rather one of a kind.

• Recipient of the Humanitarian Award 2019, STARTTS and the Refugee Council of Australia.

• TEDx Speaker at ICC Sydney, 2019.
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